Work at Fixami

Your new e-commerce adventure.

Will you come work at Fixami?

We're an e-commerce organization focused on selling tools to professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Our headquarters and the adjacent warehouse are located in a new facility with top-notch amenities in Tilburg. We maintain a continuous focus on innovation and optimization, making us partly responsible for the transition from 'bricks to clicks' in the tool market. 

We're featured in the Twinkle Top100 and have won several FD Gazellen Awards. Currently, we have almost 300 colleagues. To continue supporting our ambitions in the right way, we are looking for new team members. Are you ready to join and strengthen Fixami, also known for the brands Gereedschapcentrum and Verfwebwinkel, in Tilburg?

The corporate brand for multiple professional power tools e-stores in Europe

Zevenheuvelenweg 25
5048AN Tilburg